Business Insurance

There’s nothing easy about owning your own business, including how to protect it. Making sure you have the right insurance coverage can sometimes be confusing and complicated.

That’s why the Baughn Insurance Group offers a variety of coverage’s for your business entity. Talk to your B.I.G. agent today to find the policy that best fits your needs…and your budget.

You need to protect your business from loss of property and loss of income. A Businessowners Policy from B.I.G. gives you the protection you need in one easy-to-understand policy…at a price you can afford.

Basic features include loss or damage to buildings and business personal property, plus loss of business income, full coverage for glass in buildings you own or rent, loss to on-building signs, pollutant clean-up and removal and more. Plus you can add additional features like computer coverage, earthquake coverage, spoilage coverage and more.